Recruiting Realtors

This page is primarily for Business Builders as you make $100 per Member sign up, but not exclusive as long as you meet the requirements.


- We will provide the list of Realtors to call as long as you maintain the minimum requirement. 

- Realtors that close less than a handful of real estate transactions per year are a PERFECT candidate for this online real estate platform. 

- They can now earn more money, with fewer expenses and less effort. 


Phone call: Hi ______, this is _______ and I’m calling on behalf of Luke Meyer who’s the principal broker at Top Agent Referral and we’re looking for agents that close less that 7 transactions per year to be able to take advantage of our online referral platform.


Do you fit this mold?


If they say No: “OK, Thank you so much for your time, this program only benefits agents that don’t close a lot of real estate”


If they still want more details: “We created a way for non-licensed people to be able to refer buyers and sellers to our online referral platform, and earn commissions by helping them. These clients would go to agents like you, that know how to sell real estate.”  


If they say Yes: “Great, would you be interested in learning how you can earn commissions with our company without having to pay any MLS dues, no Association dues, no desk fees and you actually don’t even need an active license!?


Luke is sharing the information on a live webinar on either Monday or Wednesday at 5:30PM PST. Are you available this Monday or Wednesday to get on this webinar?


Yes: (Confirm their email address) “I will register you for the webinar and you will get a confirmation email and the Zoom meeting details. Make sure to cancel or reschedule in the email, if for some reason you can’t make it because there’s only so many seats available. Will that work for you?”