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Earn Money in Real Estate without a license! (1:29)
Earn Money in Real Estate with no license required!  
Work around your current work schedule. 
Part-Time or Full-Time.
Earn in ALL 50 States.
Passive Income.  
Watch this 22-minute video to learn how you can earn income...

$200 Billion dollars is paid out in commissions each year. This company allows you to earn part of this money by helping buyers and sellers make the most amount of money when selling, and save the most about of money when buying. 




You can earn money by connecting people to Top Agent Referral, and simply helping them throughout the transaction!


Two profitable industries were combined to enable non-licensed people to create wealth through this online real estate business. 

Real Estate

Network Marketing

There are 450,000 real estate agent assisted, residential home closings every month in the 50 states! 

The real estate brokerage industry paid out over $200,000,000,000 in real estate commission in 2018.

Passive Income: Get paid overrides for anyone that you bring into the business every time they help a buyer or seller. 

 There is no limit to the number of people that can join your team. True Passive Income! 

We get paid to offer a FREE service!


Testimonials from Members:

“I heard my coworker talking about buying a house, I told him I can connect him with the Top Agents and he said OK. Once we were on break I walked him through signing up on my website as a buyer and BAM. He was contacted that day by a Top Agent. Because he was a first time home buyer and we talked a lot throughout his transaction I did spend about an hour talking with him and answering questions and made $750 when the deal closed. The easiest money I have ever made!"

- TJ Grant, Member


“In March, I had a chance to share what I do here at Top Agent Referral with a coworker of mine. His name is Jeremy. He told me he was looking to buy in the Vancouver Washington area, and asked if I could connect him with a good agent there. So I directed him to my website, and walked him through the very simple process of inputting his info, along with his needs into the system. Soon, he was contacted by a top agent. He told me he was absolutely blown away. "This guy is the real deal." he told me. "This guy came to our place and pitched himself as if we were millionaires. He is in the top 2% of agents in all of Berkshire Hathaway! I told him our modest budget, and it didn't phase him. He's been a Godsend, saving us money on the appraisal, the lender, and everywhere else we had to come up with money out of our pocket, because of all his connections. I never appreciated the value of a good real estate agent before, and my wife and I are completely blown away." 

- Jason Kaady, Member

The average person can make money:

Because the average part-time person working 5-10 hours per week can only help so many buyers and sellers from the people they know we wanted to create a way for the average person to be able to create Wealth through real estate and network marketing.  We created a compensation plan to enable ordinary people to show other people how to help these buyers and sellers and receive overrides (Passive Income) every time these people help more buyers and sellers. The secret is keeping it simple. A lot of people doing a little bit of work adds up to a lot of money. 


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