For Sale By Owner Cold Calling Training

The better you understand our service the better you will be at converting the sellers. 

Every seller wants to net the most amount of money from the sale of their home, and some don’t want to have to pay an Agent to sell it for them. Until a seller tries to sell a home on their own they won’t understand how much work and expertise goes into the process. The majority of for sale by owners do figure this out and do end up hiring a licensed Agent. 

Even though people can look up the facts that prove that a property listed with an Agent has a far greater chance of selling for a higher price than a FSBO, some people have a hard time without first trying to sell it on their own. 

Information to read on FSBO’s:

Cold Calling takes Practice and Experience to Master:

When calling a For Sale By Owner you never know when they’ll be ready to list their home, or simply ready to meet with a licensed professional.  It’s all about timing.  Some people are ready after only 1 day of trying on their own and others might not be ready for 90+ days.  Some will sell the home on their own and never use a professional. We know that the majority of FSBO’s will end up using an Agent so it’s all about timing and FOLLOW UP to get the deal, and earn the commissions!


Every lead is worth $375 to $4,500 based on the commission payouts so work every deal, and keep the relationship so when the time is right for them, they will use Top Agent Referral to find their perfect Top Agent. Follow-ups are how you will earn the most commission checks!

If you can make sure that the seller knows your main purpose is to help them, and only when they're ready, and on their terms then they will give you their information and you will be able to follow up. By following up, you will have a greater chance of converting them into wanting to be connected with the Top Agents. You will have to judge the call to know how much pressure to use. 

Cold Calling LIVE FSBO Video to watch:



Your pitch will be slightly different but the principles are the same.  A great question to ask: “When your home sells, where do you plan on moving?” Maybe you can’t help them with the listing, but you can connect them with a Top Agent is the area that they are moving!

Another great question: "When do you need to sell the home/property by?" If they answer this question then you will follow up with; "OK, so if you don't have an offer by ___ date then you'll want to meet with a professional right?"



#1) Get them to agree to meet with a couple of Top Agents in their local area.

#2) Input their best phone number, email, and as many details as possible into CRM. 

#3) Let them know when you will be following up.

#4) Follow up. 

One tip is to let them know that you will text them so they can text you back their email address so you can send them the top 10 tips to selling their home. Feel free to get their email over the phone. We find that having them text the email address is sometimes easier and more accurate.

Text: “Thank you for your time! What’s your email so I can send you that information? Your Name, Top Agent Referral.”



Cold calling script: S L O W… Y O U R… S P E E C H… W A Y… D O W N…

“Hi I am calling about your home on _____, is it still for sale? Ok great, first off, I’m not a Realtor,… (If you are not a Realtor) and I want to see if I can help with the sale of your home… (wait for response) 

They will say, how? (let them talk as much as possible and gather information)

"I know you're wanting to sell your home/property on your own and without having to pay a commission, and I also know that most FSBO's end up hiring a professional.  I work for Top Agent Referral and we offer a FREE service to sellers like you to be connected with the Top Agents in your local neighborhood. If you get to a point where you want to meet with a professional then I can connect you with the Top Agents that sell homes for the highest prices in your area."  (Wait for response…let them talk as much as possible and gather information)

S L O W… Y O U R… S P E E C H… W A Y… D O W N…

"When do you need to sell the home/property by?" If they answer this question then you will follow up with; "OK, so if you don't have an offer by ___ date then you'll want to meet with a professional right?"

“When the home sells for you, where are you moving next?” next question; “ideally, how soon would you like to be in (area they are moving)?” Maybe you can’t help them with the sale, but you can connect them with a Top Agent in the are they are moving!  

"I completely understand that you want to sell the home on your own and I hope that you’re able to do that. The reason why our company works is that 90% of For Sale By Owners do end up using a Realtor, so you might as well work with the best that will net you the most amount of money." (let them talk as much as possible and gather information)

"If you’re not ready right now and you are still going to try to sell the home on your own then that’s great. I can email you our information so that you have it for the future." (let them talk as much as possible and gather information)

S L O W… Y O U R… S P E E C H… W A Y… D O W N…

At any time during the call if they try to get off the phone before you are done make sure to say this: “Sounds great, I will email you the company information so that you have it for the future. What’s the best email for you?”

If they say no to giving you their email you can try: “I have an article that I could email you which will give you the Top 10 secrets to selling your home.”

“How long are you going to wait before you may consider using an Agent to help with the sale of the property?”

If they talk about commissions: “Did you know that the average FSBO sells for 9.3% less money than the average property that’s listed with an Agent?” So even if an Agent charged a 9.3% commission which we both know would be ridiculous, you would still net the exact same amount of money selling it on your own AND you wouldn’t have to do any of the work.”

The best answer to a lot of seller questions:  “The Top Agents will be able to answer that for you, do you want me to have them give you a call? There’s no obligation to using them.”

People will ask what the Top Agents charge: “Real estate commissions are negotiable so you'll be able to negotiate this with the Agent if you choose to use one. What I can do is connect you with a couple of Top Agents that sell homes in your area for the highest prices.” 


Task: Copy and Paste this script somewhere for easy access. 

Every phone call will be a little different:

These are all things to say and not necessarily in Order. You can take these phrases and use them depending on how the phone call goes. And of course, it will take time to master. You will catch yourself saying things that are bad and that you don’t ever want to repeat or you will say some good things that you will use in the future. Make sure to add these to your script and edit as you find what works the best for you. 

Remember: You must always make sure every person knows that YOU ARE NOT A LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT. (If you are not) This means you cannot act as one. If they ask for your opinion about anything you need to let them know that you are not a licensed real estate agent and the Top Agents will be able to answer their questions. 

We can’t help everyone: Even though they need our help we can’t make them use our service. And that’s OK. Just because someone should do something to better themselves doesn’t mean they will. Once you understand this and that it’s simply a numbers game the rejection that you get won’t matter as much.  

Once you spend some time making these phone calls you will be able to find how many phone conversations it takes to = 1 Sale for you. The more you make the phone calls, the better your closing ratio will be.   The more people that you talk to the better you will get and the more business you will get.

Read through all of these email templates so that you know and understand why and when to use them…



Email Templates: 

You can copy and paste these individually into your CRM and create a program/campaign that will automatically send them out every 7 days. Or we can share the templates if you have a Contactually account or other CRM.



Email 1 – after the phone call: 

Subject line: Top Agent Referral 

Hi ____, 

Thank you for your time on the phone today. I understand that you are wanting to Net the most amount of money with the sale of your home and I only want to help if we can accomplish this goal of making you the most amount of money from your sale.

Make sure to keep my information so I can help if you do get to the point where you want the absolute Best Agent in your specific area. 

Like I mentioned on the phone, this service is absolutely free and there is no obligation. What most sellers do in your situation is meet up with a Top Agent to see what they can offer you. Here are the reasons why you might want to do the same: 

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything to get expert advice regarding how the Top Agent will market your home. 

  2. There’s no obligation so this is free information with no catch. 

  3. The Top Agents already have buyers so they might already have a buyer that matches to your home. 

  4. They will have marketing tips that you can implement yourself even if you don’t hire them. 

  5. They will point out the pros and cons from a non-biased and expert perspective. 

  6. They will give you their opinion of what they will sell your home for. This may be higher or lower than what you have it listed for. Useful information either way, because they will have reasons and documentation to back it up. 

  7. If you do decide to have a professional sell your home for you, the odds are that you will Net more money and not have to handle showings, negotiations, inspections, appraisal, escrow facilitation, contractor referrals and the list goes on and on. 

  8. Meet up with a Top Agent so when you do decide enough is enough, you won’t have to scramble and will already have a Top Agent lined up.

Here is my website where you can submit your information and be contacted by 2 Top Agents in the next 1-2 days. (click on “I’m Selling”)

I appreciate your time and let me know if you have any questions. 



Email 2 - after 1 week: 

Subject line: testimonials from happy clients

Hi ____, 

I thought about you today and thought you would like to read some testimonials from a few past clients: 

"This guy is the real deal. He came to our place and pitched himself as if we were millionaires. He is in the top 2% of agents in all of Berkshire Hathaway! I told him our modest budget, and it didn't phase him. He's been a Godsend, saving us money on the appraisal, the lender, and everywhere else we had to come up with money out of our pocket, because of all his connections. I never appreciated the value of a good real estate agent before, and my wife and I are completely blown away."               

- Jeremy Ray, Buyer


“The Agent that Top Agent Referral sent to me was one of the best agents I have worked with.  He used new techniques to not only shoot amazing photos but a video to really show off the house online.   This generated huge showing numbers which lead to great offers. He helped me understand the market and process and helped manage my expectations and keep me clued in to what was next.  We ended up making more than we thought on the house and formed a great friendship in the process.  I would highly recommend Top agent referral for any real estate transactions. Thanks again,” 

- David Maney, Seller
Kansas City


“I found top agent referral from a friend and decided to try them out since I didn’t know many agents in the area. Once I contacted them, they were very quick to respond, explain how if it works and within 2 hours I had two agents contact me. After talking with them both I decided on one, and it has been an easy and enjoyable process buying and selling my house.”  

- Michele Bowers, Buyer/Seller
Portland, Oregon

Click here if you are ready to meet with Top Agents:



Email 3 - a week later: 

Subject line: 15 tips to ensure a smooth transaction

Hi ___, 

Here are 15 tips to ensure a smooth transaction.

I have you are having a great week! 

Click here if you are ready to meet with Top Agents:



Email 4 - a week later:

Subject line: 10 Best kept secrets for selling your home

10 Best kept secrets for selling your home:

I am always available to help. Make sure to think about me if you know anyone else who is thinking about buying or selling a home. Even if you don’t use me with your sale you might hear from a friend who would like to be connected to the Top Agents. Please think of me when this happens. 

Click here to be connected with the Top Agents:


When signing up a new client you will go to your website and click on "I'm Selling" and fill out the form. 

Thank you so much! Let me know what questions you have. 


Luke Meyer