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Earn Money in Real Estate without a license! (1:28)
Earn Money in Real Estate with no license required!  
Work around your current work schedule. 
Part-Time or Full-Time.
Earn in ALL 50 States.
Passive Income.  

$200 Billion dollars is paid out in commissions each year. This company allows you to earn part of this money by helping buyers and sellers make the most amount of money when selling, and save the most amount of money when buying. 

Real Estate Commissions paid out in these 6 cities:


                City:               Real Estate Commissions (MILLIONS) Paid in 2017:


                                      San Jose                                      $460,000,000                                                                                      Seattle                                         $468,000,000

                                      San Francisco                             $378,000,000                                                                                     Denver                                        $343,000,000                                                                                      Portland                                       $317,000,000                                                                                    Austin                                          $324,000,000

This is MILLIONS of dollars in real estate COMMISSIONS. Not sales prices but commissions. Do you want a piece of this? LUMALLIE makes this possible! 

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LUMALLIE, Promting products and services through direct sales.